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Soy Lecithin is used as the source of Phosphatidyl Choline (phospholipids) which has powerful surface-active properties essential to improve the absorption of insoluble fat soluble nutrients.

Is there any substitution for Soy Lecithin available?

In 2012 Tishcon will be looking at the possibility of replacing Soy Lecithin with Sunflower Lecithin. For this replacement to happen, three criteria will have to be met. First, there will have to be an abundant supply of Sunflower Lecithin so Q-GelŪ CoQ10 demand can be met. Second, Sunflower Lecithin will have to be proved as effective in Q-GelŪ CoQ10 as Soy Lecithin has been over the past decade and-a-half. Thirdly, Sunflower Lecithin will have to be as cost-effective as Soy Lecithin. We do not want to cause an un-necessary cost increase in a key supplement like Q-GelŪ CoQ10 that so many people depend on for their good health.