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Our Q-Gel® CoQ10, Chew-Q® Chewable Coenzyme Q10, H2Q® Advanced Bioavailability Water Miscible CoQ10 and ALL our Liquid CoQ10 products including the LiQsorb™ Liposomal CoQ10, Q-Up™ and LiQ-10™ Syrup products are all made in Tishcon’s state of the art GMP Certified manufacturing facilities in Westbury, New York and Salisbury, Maryland.

Tishcon uses 100% Natural Coenzyme Q10 in ALL their bio-enhanced and 100% natural ubiquinone CoQ10 formulations.

Our CoQ10 is guaranteed 100% trans and is free of the synthetic cis-isomer. In fact, All of our CoQ10 is produced via the fermentation process using 100% food source ingredients. .

All CoQ10 is obtained either by 100% fermentation which yields NATURAL -- 100% ALL TRANS CoQ10 (the type we use in Q-Gel) -- or the cheaper synthetic alternative which involves partial fermentation and then synthesis using “solanesol” a chemical extracted from the tobacco leaf, (We do NOT use this type of CoQ10!).

Some companies market a Natural Coenzyme Q10 which is made by bacterial fermentation. (We do NOT use this type of CoQ10!).

EPIC and epic4health.com are proud to make these fine bio-enhanced CoQ10 products available to all.