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Ubiquinone CoQ10

Ubiquinone, the generic name for Coenzyme Q10, has been safely taken by millions of people as a supplement for over a quarter of a century. Ubiquinone was virtually the only form of CoQ10 sold until 2006 when the Ubiquinol form became more readily available as a supplement. Truth be told, the vast majority of circulating CoQ10 in our body is present as Ubiquinol. However, our bodies had always and still do produce Ubiquinol by using Ubiquinone!

Ubiquinone, (the fully oxidized form of CoQ10), is much more stable than Ubiquinol, (the active form of CoQ10). Once ingested, more than 90% of the Ubiquinone that has been absorbed is converted into Ubiquinol.

ALL the Ubiquinone CoQ10 formulations sold by epic4health on this web site, (four shown below), are bio-enhanced formulations of Coenzyme Q10. It is important to note that there are no studies to show the superiority of unsolubilized ubiquinol over the Ubiquinone formulations of Q-Gel® CoQ10, HydroQSorb® CoQ10, (as ChewQ® or H2Q CoQ10) or Liquid Q®.