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Skin Care

This new Derma Q-GelŪ anti-wrinkle, skin energizing cream is so revolutionary
it is protected by two US Patents. -- No. 6,056,971 and No. 6,740,338

After years of intensive research and considerable development costs a truly revolutionary anti-wrinkle, skin energizing formula is finally here. Its name is Derma Q-GelŪ and it will forever change the way you fight ALL the signs of aging skin.

A major stumbling block to creating a truly effective anti-aging formula has always been the poor dissolution of the ingredients. Vitamins, supplements, herbs and herbal extracts that are hydrosoluble provide maximum dissolution to ensure enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Derma Q-GelŪ‘s secret to success is the fact that it contains hydrosoluble CoQ10 and contains up to 5 times greater concentration of CoQ10 than any other skin care cream.

Our revolutionary new Derma Q-GelŪ is the MOST EFFECTIVE anti-wrinkle, skin energizing formula available that replenishes the skin with vital nutrients including Q-GelŪ, vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin E and more.

Now, you can promote healthy, vital, younger looking skin with absolutely NO harsh exfoliants or peeling chemicals. For a clearer, smoother, vibrant, blemish free, younger looking skin use Derma Q-GelŪ. It is the ONLY face cream with Ubiquinol, (Patent Pending), the reduced active form of CoQ10.

We urge you to give Derma Q-GelŪ a try as we are quite confident that you will be delighted with the results. If you do decide to purchase Derma Q-GelŪ you will, of course, be covered by our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Derma Q-Gel is our BEST SELLING item (and has been ever since it became available!)

NOTE: All Derma Q-Gel skin care products are non-comedogenic (they will not clog the pores of your skin).