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The Ultimate Antioxidant Formula - ResQnol - Resveratrol Ubiquinol Quercetin 50/50/50 Plus Pterostilbene

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The Ultimate Antioxidant Formula - ResQnol - Resveratrol Ubiquinol Quercetin 50/50/50 Plus Pterostilbene

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ResQnol is a breakthrough combination product containing Ubiquinol Bio-Active Co-Enzyme Q10 , Nature Identical Resveratrol, Natural Pterostilbene, Quercitin, R-dihydrolipoic Acid and Bioperine.

  • Active CoQ10 Ubiquinol: Found in almost every cell in the body this naturally occurring, powerful antioxidant diminishes with age since the body has trouble synthesizing it at around 30. Ubiquinol has been shown to protect against free radical damage, promote proper blood circulation, strengthen the heart muscle by assisting in ATP production and much much more. Ubiquinol uniquely RECHARGES other antioxidants giving you stronger protection, longer. When choosing a flagship antioxidant we didn't have to look any further than Ubiquinol.

  • Resveratrol: This All Trans, Nature Identical Resveratrol, is the most powerful, bio-available form available. Reseratrol, a polyphenol antioxidant, has been shown to positively impact multiple mechanisms of cellular aging including the aforementioned DNA protection and repair, mitochondrial biogenesis to support cellular function and longevity and genetic regulation of cellular aging. It's unique ability to activate a gene known as SIRT1 has been shown to mimic caloric restriction which is the only known way to increase life span. SIRT1 controls gene switches to ensure only those that are relevant to the healthy function of the cell are activated. Aging occurs when the wrong genes are being activated too often. *In a major breakthrough in anti-aging science, researchers found that resveratrol supplementation can activate SIRT1 thus probably protecting against cellular deregulation, DNA damage and age related disease.* Resveratrol is the future of anti-aging!

  • Natural Pterostilbene: Resveratrol is an amazing antioxidant but when combined with pterostilbene it is the Ultimate Antioxidant. Pterostilbene actually enhances the effects of Resveratrol in a synergistic manner!

    Pterostilbene has exhibited positive correlations with memory, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and cholesterol lowering effects.

  • Quercetin: A bioflavonoid found in fruits and vegetables that provides the body with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection.

  • R- Dihydrolipoic Acid: A form of Alpha Lipoic Acid. Reacts with a wider variety of free radicals and is therefore considered to be a more powerful antioxidant. Enhances glucose transport. Protects against single stand DNA breaks. Regenerates the antioxidants vitamin C, thioredoxin and glutathione which can recycle Vitamin E.

  • Bioperine: A natural black pepper extract. Helps optimize the absorption of other nutrients in your body.

Supplement Facts - Res-Q-Nol™

Serving size: 1 Softgel

Per Serving
% Daily Value
Ubiquinol (Active-Q™) 50mg **
Natural Trans-Resveratrol 50mg **
Natural Pterostilbene 50mg **
Quercetin Dihydrate 50mg **
R-dihydrolipoic Acid (R-DHLA) 50mg **
Bioperine® 5mg **

**Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, gelatin, polysorbate 80, glycerin, ascorbyl palmitate, extra virgin olive oil, D-Limonene, purified water, sunflower lecithin, silicon dioxide, yellow beeswax and annatto extract in sunflower oil.(Contains Soy)

Free of: Milk and milk by-products, egg and egg by-products, fish and fish by-products, shell fish and shell fish by-products, tree nuts, wheat and wheat by-products, gluten, soy and soy by-products.

Directions: Take one (1) softgel daily, preferably at mealtime, as a dietary supplement.

If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, seek the advice of a health professional before using this product.

Storage Instructions: Keep bottle tightly closed. Store in a cool, dry place at controlled room temperature 15°C-30°C (59°F-86°F). Do not refrigerate.

Bioperine® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Inc.
ResQnol™ is a trademark of Tishcon Corp.

Manufactured by: Tishcon Corp.,
30 New York Ave., Westbury NY 11590