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Our products meet ALL FDA, (the U.S. Food & Drug Administration), requirements. ALL raw materials used in our products are received with a Certificate of Analysis attesting to their purity. We do not use any ingredients that have not been certified.

Our manufacturing and packing facilities are registered and regulated by the FDA and NOT ALL SUPPLEMENT MANUFACTURERS CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM.

If you are concerned about product purity, (and you should be!), the most important thing you can do is to find out who is manufacturing the product -- a so called "Purity Statement" in an advertisement is only as good as the company manufacturing the product. We stand behind ALL our products and are meticulous and exacting in their preparation. We will not sell or distribute ANY product that does not meet or exceed all generally recognized requirements set forth by the FDA for raw materials and finished products.

In addition, all of our supplement products are manufactured and bottled by Tishcon Corporation. Tishcon has received the NNFA, (National Nutritional Foods Association), Good Manufacturing Practices Certification. The GMP Certificate Number is: 6-03-51607.

One of the most frequent questions we receive regarding Product Purity has to do with Omega 3 Fish Oil:

"How Is the Fish Oil Processed to Make Sure It Is Free Of PCB'S, HEAVY METALS Etc.?"

ANSWER: Our fish oil partners are world leaders in sourcing raw material fish oils for nutritional supplement products. They have tight purchasing parameters related to pcb's and heavy metals and will not use oils for further refining if they find these types of materials in them. The strict manufacturing processes including molecular distillation ensure that these elements are not found in the finished oil. In addition, independent testing of our products insure our compliance with California Proposition 65 related to heavy metals and pcb's.

As a final check, Tishcon Laboratories tests for heavy metals by ICP Mass Spectrometer for Pb (lead), As (arsenic), Cd (cadmium) and Hg (mercury). The bottom line is that we manufacture and sell quality products and continually test them to make sure they stay that way.