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I received the email message re-printed below on August 23, 2010. Not one word has been changed or left out of the original document except for the customer's name and address. Mike Engel / epic4health.com (That is NOT her picture -- it is a stock photo)

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to share a personal story with you. I began taking your QGel product on the advice of my cardiologist as my previous 3 attempts to take statin drugs for my hyperlipidemia have all resulted in muscular pain in my feet so severe it was actually diagnosed as plantar fasciitis with surgery recommended. Each time I discontinued the statin drug, the disabling foot pain resolved within a few months. I had tried adding other brands of coQ10 to offset the effects of the statin drugs but had no results with that approach previously. I have also been a type 1 diabetic for over 30 years with a family history of coronary disease, so my internist asked me to try again with a very low dose statin given at bedtime. I pretreated with your QGel product for 6 weeks and then started the low dose statin at bedtime. This time, I experienced a very slight amount of foot pain that was never disabling and it gradually disappeared entirely within the first two weeks of statin treatment. I've now been pain free for over two months on the statin drug and would never consider taking a statin without your QGel.

Incidentally, a pre-existing congenital atrial septal defect was recently discovered and due to an additional congenital defect in my atrial septum open heart surgery was required to repair them both. Part of my pre-surgical workup was a left heart catheterization in order for my cardiologist to assess the condition of my coronary arteries. Since they would be opening me up for open heart surgery, and I was a long term type 1 diabetic with hyperlipidemia my cardiologist and cardiac surgeon both thought it prudent to rule out the need for any coronary bypass surgery which could be done at the same time as my open heart procedure to repair my congenital heart defects. I was sedated, but able to watch the angiogram done during my left heart cath at the DeBakey Heart and Vascular Institute here in Houston. Fascinating and my cardiologist's words were that he wished his coronary arteries were as good as mine...what fantastic news!

During my stay in the hospital, many of the nurses in cardiovascular ICU and also on the cardiac care floor commented on the supplements I took. After hearing my experiences, several of them asked for the names of the supplements as well as your website. You should see a few new customers as a result.

Many thanks for your products, C.D. Texas (Name Not Printed)

Editor's Note: It's uplifting to hear such testimonials. And, we do get numerous similar testimonials -- though very few this well laid out. REMEMBER, it is ONLY a testimonial from one person -- it is NOT a controlled clinical study. The reading of this testimonial does not mean that you will have the same results and we do not mean to imply that you will. We do believe that research has shown that all statins can block the synthesis of Coenzyme Q10 in the body which may lead to sub-optimal CoQ10 levels. It is our opinion that this can then lead to a number of physical problems the most common being muscle aches and weakness. Therefore, we believe that supplementation with Q-Gel Coenzyme Q10, (or one of Tishcon's other bio-enhanced CoQ10 formulations), is a prudent approach when undergoing "statin" therapy. If, after discussing the issue with your doctor, you decide to give our bio-enhanced CoQ10 a try -- we don't think that you will be disappointed with the results. In any event, you are covered by our full 90-day money-back guarantee (shipping not included but there is no re-stocking fee or anything like that!).

IMPORTANT: Even though we believe that our bio-enhanced Coenzyme Q10 products are unmatched in their ability to replenish CoQ10 levels in persons taking statin medications, it is of critical importance to remember that the CoQ10 is NOT a replacement for statin therapy. Furthermore, even though you may be feeling in tip-top shape while supplementing with CoQ10, you should NOT stop taking any prescribed medications without prior consultation with your local health care professional.