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Virgin Adriatic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Virgin Adriatic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Virgin Adriatic Ultra Premium EVOO North Dalmatia – ORGANIC

Deep green in color with a fresh grassy aroma. 

Flavor is robust - earthy with hint of fruitiness and floral note. Strong finish with right amount of spice and bitter undertones characteristic to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Gently Harvested by Hand to avoid bruising.

Cold Pressed within Twelve hours of Harvesting.

The olives are naturally grown on an island within the Kornati National Park, which stretches along the Dalmatian Coast on the Adriatic Sea nestled between Italy and Croatia. Adriatic Sea has long been considered one of the cleanest in the world. Orchard is located on the southwest tip of the island just feet from the sea. This pristine environment is far from the everyday pollution of the mainland yielding not only great tasting oils, but oils that are healthier as well.

High in Polyphenols, such as Oleocanthal, an essential phytochemical is not only an elemental part of the Mediterranean diet, but also responsible for the superb taste of Virgin Adriatic EVOO producing the desired yet subtle peppery taste that only true Extra Virgin Olive Oil accomplishes. Other Polyphenols including Hydroxytyrosol, and Antioxidants such as Vitamin-E (Tocopherols and Tocotrienols) also improve texture and stability of the oil itself resulting in longer shelf life and preservation of flavor for greater periods of time. In a recent study, EVOO from the Adriatic region has been found to have higher levels of Polyphenols. In addition, Croatian EVOO contained highest levels of Oleic Acid, which is an Omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid well known for its multiple health benefits

Test Results (Fatty Acid Profile)

Palmitic Acid 13.7%
Palmitoleic Acid 1.2% 
Stearic Acid 2.2%
Oleic Acid 69.9% 
Linoleic Acid 9.4%
Linolenic Acid  0.6% 
Arachidic Acid  0.0%