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Q-Gel® CoQ10

Unlike most other forms of Coenzyme Q-10, our patented, water soluble, (hydrosoluble), Q-Gel® CoQ10 passes the test for dissolution. Most other forms of CoQ10 exhibit dissolution levels of less than 1%. (Compare that to Q-Gel's® 100% dissolution!) Therefore, taking just one 30mg Q-Gel® CoQ10 softgel provides blood CoQ10 levels which are several times higher those achieved with other CoQ10 products. You can SAVE money and take less pills. Best of all, Q-Gel® CoQ10 delivers optimum levels of plasma CoQ-10 in just a few weeks or months NOT years as required with many other forms of CoQ10.

• Q-Gel® has undergone clinical scrutiny in humans in several trials.

• Q-Gel® is the preferred dosage form recommended by many physicians and cardiologists.

• Q-Gel® is recommended by Jean Carper on page 40 in her runaway New York Times Bestseller, Miracle Cures.

• Q-Gel® provides several fold higher CoQ10 plasma levels than conventional dosage forms and achieves therapeutic levels of CoQ10.

• R. B. Singh, M.D., FACN, President, International College of Nutrition said: "Q-Gel Coenzyme Q10 softgels provide an immediate boost in blood CoQ10 levels and therapeutic levels exceeding 2.5 mcg/ml within weeks as revealed by research data."

• Q-Gel® absorption is not dependent on the food you eat or proximity to meals and provides effective serum levels at lower dosages.

• Q-Gel® is the only Coenzyme Q10 supplement formulated via the patented Bio-Solv® technology.

Is Q-Gel® CoQ10 a highly effective Coenzyme Q-10 product? YES! And clinical studies confirm Q-Gel's® absolute superiority over all dosage forms tested.

NEWS: Tishcon Corp (the manufacturer of our Q-Gel CoQ10) has received an orphan drug designation for UbiQ-Gel® (CoQ-10) in the treatment of mitochondrial cytopathies. Phase 1 Clinical trials for UbiQ-Gel® have begun at the Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. UbiQ-Gel® is being clinically tested for use in the treatment of mitochondrial cytopathies a group of rare but debilitating diseases including MELAS syndrome, MERRF syndrome, and Kearnes-Sayre syndrome. All of which can cause heart disturbances, dementia, movement disorders, stroke-like episodes and seizures. All these diseases are thought to be caused by problems in the mitochondria, structures that produce energy in the body's cells. The heart contains the single largest concentration of CoQ10 in the body. And, CoQ10 has been clinically shown to improve heart function!