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Even though palm oil has about 40-45% saturated oil, the saturated oil is made up palmitic (C16) and stearic (C18) fatty acid which have been proven in human studies to be neutral and do not increase nor lower cholesterol level. The saturated fats that increase cholesterol level are the C12 (lauric) and C14 (myristic) fatty acid which are found in high amount in lard and coconut oil. Palm oil does not have any C12 and C14 saturated fatty acid. The tocotrienol extract - Tocomin which is used in the production of Tocospan has very little palm oil left - as it is a concentrated extract. Contrary to popular believe and misconception, based on scientific studies and publications, palm oil has been proven to have no effect at all on serum cholesterol level. Its saturated fat Ė C16 Palmitic fatty acid does not increase total serum cholesterol level. For more information and complete references please see the link Palm Oil and Coronary Heart Disease. There is a LOT of information in that link.