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A number of people who have read the ingredients in our supplements have noted that one of the ingredients listed is medium chain triglycerides. This often bring up a concern because of the belief that triglycerides are dangerous in the blood stream. Then, the question, “Is it safe to ingest the medium chain triglycerides in your soft gels?”.

Here’s the answer from our senior scientist:

“Triglycerides are simply a source of fat. Medium chain triglycerides are vegetable source oils. They are NOT the triglycerides found in blood. Rest assured that Q-Gel is an extremely safe and effective source of natural Coenzyme Q10.”

All of our Q-Gel® CoQ10 is produced via the fermentation process using 100% food source ingredients. All CoQ10 is obtained either by 100% fermentation which yields NATURAL -- 100% ALL TRANS CoQ10 (the type we use in Q-Gel) -- or the cheaper synthetic alternative which involves partial fermentation and then synthesis using “solanesol” a chemical extracted from the tobacco leaf, (we do NOT use this type!).