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Lutein, (a naturally occurring carotenoid synthesized only by plants like spinach and kale), is often hailed as a possible way to protect eyes from macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.

Researchers at Harvard found eating 6mg of lutein a day (roughly 1/4 cup cooked spinach) lowered the odds of macular degeneration by 43%. According to several other studies, loading up on lutein also seems to reduce the odds of cataracts by 20% to 50%.

Lutein is easy to add to your diet if you eat plenty of spinach and other green, leafy vegetables. These foods provide high levels of lutein every time you eat a spinach salad or a serving of kale or turnip greens. The problem is a lot of people don't like these foods or don't eat enough of them.

Do you get enough lutein in your diet every day? If not, you may want to consider supplementing your diet with one of our outstanding Lutein formulations.