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Liquid CoQ10

Flavored Liquid CoQ10 is available in your choice of:

50mg, (per 5 ml), liquid form called LiQ-10 Syrup
100mg, (per 5 ml), liquid form called Double Strength LiQ-10 Syrup
200mg, (per 5 ml), liquid form called 200 mg LiQ-10® Syrup
100mg, (per 5 ml / 500ml bottle), liquid form called ActiveQ® Bioenhanced Ubiquinol Syrup
1,000mg, (per ounce), liquid form called LiQ-Nol CoQ10 with Ubiquinol the “active” Coq10

Bottle size: 16.9 fl oz (500 ml) holding one hundred 30mg doses (Q-UP), one hundred 50mg doses (LiQ-10 Syrup) or one hundred 100mg doses (DOUBLE STRENGTH LiQ-10 Syrup). The Orange-Pineapple Flavor makes it very palatable.

Un-flavored Liquid CoQ10 is available as:

The High Dose LiQsorb Liquid CoQ10, (500mg per 5 ml) in either the 30ml or 170ml bottle size. Both are unflavored and unsweetened. To make it palatable, add 1 ml, (100mg), to 6 to 8 ounces of your favorite juice, smoothie or milk shake for a delicious treat supplying 100mg of hydrosoluble Co-Q-10. LiQsorb® can also be used undiluted as a concentrated source of solubilized CoQ10.

We are making most of these special needs Bioenhanced Liposomal Liquid CoQ10 Dietary Supplements available to be ordered on the web but, if you or someone you know needs a liquid dose form of our CoQ10 and has any questions please call us Monday thru Friday at 1-800-866-0978.

NOTE: The LiQ-10™ (50mg) NDC Number is: 54023-8121-07.

NOTE: The DOUBLE STRENGTH LiQ-10™ (100mg) NDC Number is: 54023-9293-07.

NOTE: The LiQsorb™ Liposomal CoQ10 (170ml bottle) NDC Number is: 54023-9600 06.

NOTE: The LiQsorb™ Liposomal CoQ10 (500ml bottle) NDC Number is: 54023-0070 07.

NOTE: The LiQsorb™ Drops Liposomal CoQ10 (30ml bottle) NDC Number is: 54023-9373 01.

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