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Idebenone: What Is It?

Idebenone is a synthetic man made molecule. Unlike CoQ10, Idebenone does NOT occur in nature and is NOT produced in our bodies. In fact, Idebenone is an unapproved new drug and people selling it are violating U.S. drug laws. Consumers taking Idebenone as a supplement are risking their health.

Tishcon Corp. of Westbury, NY and Salisbury, MD, (the manufacturer of the Q-Gel® CoQ10 that we sell), utilizes a 100% natural CoQ10 in ALL Q-Gel products. More importantly, the CoQ10 in Q-Gel® is a 100% natural (trans-isomer) yeast fermented CoQ10 which is identical to the body’s own CoQ10.

Tishcon utilizes a 100% natural CoQ10 and treats it via the BioSolv patented process to render the insoluble CoQ10 powder readily soluble and highly bioavailable. This combination of 100% natural CoQ10 and Tishcon’s science makes Q-Gel the most powerful CoQ10 available.