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When we think about Women's Health, one of the first areas that come to mind is Osteoporosis.

The reason? Osteoporosis effects more than 20 million people in the U.S. and while both men and women experience a decline in bone mass after the age of 40, women are at a much greater risk for osteoporosis than men. Postmenopausal osteoporosis is the most common form of osteoporosis and nearly one in four postmenopausal women suffers from osteoporosis.

A number of conditions -- not just menopause, (post or premature), predispose women to osteoporosis including: positive family history, short stature, small bones, leanness, inactivity, White or Asian, smoking and low calcium intake. Calcium supplementation can help reduce bone loss (see our Liquid Calcium product below as it includes six (6) sources of Calcium and three (3) sources of Magnesium with herbs, vitamins and other minerals to provide superior nutrient bioavailability and complete nutritional support to help maintain healthy bones).

Other health conditions of interest to women, (and men), including heart disease, osteoarthritis, and more are covered in separate sections of the epic4health web site.

In particular, there is a wealth of valuable information about CoQ10; including what it is and how it can help if you are taking a statin drug, (Lipitor, Zocor and others). Plus, how Q-Gel CoQ10 is being used to help people with neurodegenerative diseases, mitochondrial cytopathies, renal failure, and many other health conditions. Below are a few products that may be of particular interest for women's health including Derma Q-Gel. Derma Q-Gel is the only CoQ10 skin cream that uses the patented Biosolv® process to ensure that all the vital ingredients are absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin to create a truly effective and revolutionary anti-aging skin cream.