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Has Q-Gel CoQ10 gone through chemical processing to make it hydrosoluble?

We recently received an inquiry that asked, “has Q-Gel CoQ10 gone through chemical processing to make it hydrosoluble?” The quick answer is “no”. Here is a more complete answer from our senior scientist:

“The molecular structure of the CoQ10 in Q-Gel has not been altered in any fashion. We have simply reduced the particle size of CoQ10 to a sub-micron size, thereby increasing the surface area of the CoQ10 which can be exposed to and acted upon by the natural emulsifers (bile salts) in the g.i. tract to facilitate more efficient micellization and absorption.”

Our senior scientist uses the word “simply” in his explanation but making CoQ10 hydrosoluble was anything but a “simple” procedure. It is a patented process called the Bio-Solv® process which has provided the key to the solubilization of CoQ1O. Q-Gel® CoQ10, based on the Bio-Solv® process, exhibits complete dissolution, which is indicative of improved absorption/bioavailability. It was a remarkable accomplishment to reduce the particle size of CoQ10 to a sub-micron size – even more remarkable was to do it without affecting the delicate molecular structure of the CoQ10!

All of our Q-Gel® CoQ10 is produced via the fermentation process using 100% food source ingredients. All CoQ10 is obtained either by 100% fermentation which yields NATURAL -- 100% ALL TRANS CoQ10 (the type we use in Q-Gel) -- or the cheaper synthetic alternative which involves partial fermentation and then synthesis using “solanesol” a chemical extracted from the tobacco leaf, (we do NOT use this type!).