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H2Q CoQ10

H2Q™ is an Advanced Bioavailability FREEZE PROOF Water Miscible CoQ10 from the makers of Q-Gel® that uses pure Hydro-Q-Sorb® CoQ10 – a Bioenhanced Coenzyme CoQ10, (Patent Number 6,861,447), – for enhanced dissolution and easier absorbtion. H2Q™ Coenzyme Q10 is available in a 100mg per Vegecapsule formulation and 200mg powder formulation.

  • H2Q CoQ10 is 100% Natural.
  • H2Q CoQ10 is 100% vegetarian.
  • H2Q CoQ10 has NO artificial ingredients.
  • H2Q CoQ10 has NO Vitamin E.
  • H2Q CoQ10 is a Gluten and Soy Free Product
  • H2Q CoQ10 is an All Trans CoQ10.
  • H2Q CoQ10 is a USP Grade CoQ10.
  • H2Q CoQ10 is non – GMO (NO Genetically Modified Organisms).

  • NOTE: The Coenzyme Q10 utilized in the preparation of H2Q™ has been self affirmed as a GRAS ingredient (USP Grade Coenzyme Q10). The gamma cyclodextrin utilized in the preparation of Hydro-Q-Sorb® in H2Q™ has also been self affirmed as a GRAS ingredient (Wacker Biochem).

    ChewQ Chewable CoQ10 uses a compressed form of H2Q powder meaning it has the same advanced bioavailability as H2Q. It is, of course, also a vegetarian CoQ10