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Gum Disease

Bleeding and tender gums are one of the obvious signs of periodontal disease. And if you don't take care of the problem you could lose your teeth -- ALL of them -- as have about 9% of all Americans over the age of 45! In fact, a recent issue of The Journal of Periodontology reported that at least 35% of US adults have some form of gum disease.

If you have gum disease your dentist could refer you to a specialist for treatment that may include surgery. However, one of the best treatments for red, puffy, inflamed and bleeding gums could be the essential nutrient coenzyme Q10.

CoQ10 aids in generating energy and is found in every cell of your body, especially the heart and gums. Low levels of this essential enzyme have been linked to periodontal disease. In one study a periodontal specialist discovered that people with diseased gums had an unusually large deficiency of coenzyme Q-10. Once they were supplemented and had their blood serum levels of CoQ10 increased, the gum conditions reversed!


I can attest to this CoQ10 phenomenon from my own personal experience. I started taking just two 30mg Q-Gel® CoQ10 softgels a day for general heart health. One with breakfast and the second softgel at lunch. At the time, I was only taking Q-Gel® CoQ10 for heart health and was not thinking about my gums at all, although I had experienced gum problems in the past -- even bleeding while brushing or biting into a sandwich. I did the normal stuff of flossing and brushing and visiting my dentist more often and my condition did improve somewhat, (this was still before taking Q-Gel) -- but my gums never lost that "angry red" look -- although the bleeding was less. Low and behold, after less than a month of taking just one to two 30mg Q-Gels a day, (I'd sometimes forget to take one at lunch!), the "angry red" went away -- never to return! My dentist even commented on how much improved my gums were on the very first visit AFTER I started my Q-Gel® CoQ10 regimen.

SUGGESTION: If you or someone you know has a gum problem then give Q-Gel® CoQ10 a try. Q-Gel® CoQ10 is the only CoQ10 supplement that exhibits 100% dissolution and the only CoQ10 supplement that provides optimum levels of plasma CoQ10 in a matter of weeks NOT years. Therefore, you can expect to see visible results in two to three weeks If you don't see a dramatic improvement in your gums, than a lack of CoQ10 is not the problem and we will be glad to refund your purchase price. You have nothing to lose except for red, puffy, inflamed and bleeding gums.

Note: If you have gum disease, the toothpaste that you use is a key ingredient in your battle to beat gum disease. Colgate Total® is the only toothpaste that’s FDA approved to fight the gum disease gingivitis. If you are not using Colgate Total® we recommend that you consider switching to this brand. Also, since a lot of people don't like to floss, there may be an alternative approach. Rinsing your mouth 2 times a day with Listerine Antiseptic, (morning and night), can be nearly as effective as flossing in fighting plaque and gingivitis. Listerine Antiseptic suppresses the bacteria (germs) that contribute to plaque buildup on teeth and many forms of gum disease. Remember, rinsing is NOT meant to replace flossing which removes food debris from between teeth. You should be able to find both of these products in your local supermarket or drug store.

Call or email if you have any questions. And if you decide to try Q-Gel® CoQ10, let us know how you do.

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