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Help prevent Osteoarthritis with Glucosamine & Chondroitin

We are confident that this is the best and the most cost effective Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplement available. It is the ideal blend of natural nutrients needed to support healthy joint tissues. Compare to Osteo Bi-Flex®, (Epic4Health is not affiliated with the owner of the trademark Osteo Bi-Flex®), then, compare the prices.

TWO MONTH SUPPLY: Maximum Strength Glucosamine (1500mg) & Chondroitin (1200mg) in a THREE (3) Tablet Serving Size. 200 Tablets for $29.50

In The Arthritis Foundation brochure on Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate and on their web site at: http://www.arthritis.org/conditions/alttherapies/glucosamine.asp The Arthritis Foundation states that, “the amount used in studies of glucosamine was 1,500 mg per day and in studies of chondroitin sulfate, 1,200 mg per day was used” and that, “recommended doses should cost about $1 to $3 per day”. Our Maximum Strength formula at $29.50 for a 200 tablet bottle, (3 tablets per day / a 66 day supply), works out to a cost of about 45 cents per day.

Now that’s a nice price comparison – the identical formulation at less than half the price you could expect to pay.

For COMPLETE ingredient listing and label copy simply "click" on the product link below. For more information on Glucosamine, "click" on the Recent Studies link below.