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Free Samples?

In the past, we have happily mailed people free samples of some our products including Q-Gel Co Q10 (7 softgels), and Derma Q-Gel Skin Care (0.18oz jar) when these samples were available.

However, awhile back someone put our name on several of those "Get Something For Free" sites and this totally overwhelmed our capability to fulfill requests for free samples. Not only is there a problem in fulfilling these numerous requests but it is impossible to tell who really wants to "try the product before buying" and who just responds because it is something for "free".

If you have checked out the epic4health web site, you know what we are about. We offer only quality vitamins and supplements at the lowest prices available combined with in depth health care information. On top of that, we are a top-service-rated-site and normally ship orders within 1 business day of receipt.

We are sorry to disappoint you regarding the free sample but trying to fulfill the overwhelming number of requests for free product has become impossible. We will, of course, be happy to send any available samples with an order placed on the site. Just put your request in the comments box of the order form.