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Dosage Note: Q-Gel CoQ10

Q-Gel CoQ10 Dosage Note from Mike Engel

Dosage depends on many different factors. I am NOT an MD so really can not advise any particular individual in this area. However, I can let you know what some of the MD's who buy from us tell their patients -- those with congestive heart failure, they recommend a jump start of up to 200mg Q-Gel CoQ10 for first 2-3 weeks and then 120mg per day. If needed, you can go back up to the 200 mg per day level depending on your body’s needs.

If on a statin drug, they suggest 60 to 100mg Q-Gel CoQ10 per day.

Higher dosages of Q-Gel CoQ10 are being used in studies on diseases such as ALS, Huntington’s Disease, Ataxia and Parkinson’s. One of our senior pharmacologists gives the following dosage recommendation for Q-Gel CoQ10 and Parkinson’s disease: “Take 600 mg Q-Gel CoQ10 per day for the first 3 to 4 weeks than drop back to a maintenance dose of 400 mg per day. If needed, you can go back up to the 600 mg per day level depending on your body’s needs.”

No real problems? Want it for prevention and/or antioxidant use? Then 30 to 60 mg, (or even up to 90mg), Q-Gel CoQ10 per day would be very sufficient. (I take one 60mg in AM with breakfast and one 30mg at lunch. My wife takes one 30mg at breakfast.) As I have told a number of people on the phone, you can't "overdose" on CoQ10 -- the only thing you hurt by taking too much is your wallet.

Children’s Dosages:

Normally healthy children should NOT need to supplement their diet with CoQ10. Dosages for children with mitochondrial diseases and other conditions that could be helped with Q-Gel CoQ10 should be discussed with your child’s Doctor. Per our senior scientist, a starting point you may want to discuss would be 3 mg. per pound of the child’s body weight. For example, if the child weighs 20 pounds, start with 20 X 3 mg = 60 mg per day in divided doses, i.e. 20 mg 3 times daily.

NOTE: EPIC and epic4health.com are prime distributors of ALL the Bio-enhanced CoQ10 formulations manufactured by Tishcon Corp. These Bio-enhanced CoQ10 formulations forms use 100% natural (all-trans) Coenzyme Q10 and for dosage purposes can be considered as equal. So, whether you choose to take QGel®, Chew Q®, or our Liquid Q® LiQSorb® liposomal Liquid CoQ10, you will be receiving a clinically-tested, bioavailability enhanced form of CoQ10. The final choice on which dosage form to take is yours and should be based on discussion with your local health care professional and your preference for capsule, chewable or liquid. With all three forms, we suggest that you take them with or after a meal to increase absorption even more.

Thanks for your interest in Q-Gel CoQ10 and all the Bio-enhanced CoQ10 formulations manufactured by Tishcon Corp.