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These two questions are certainly among the most often asked and we are happy to answer them for you!

Does Derma Q-Gel Contain a Fragrance?

Yes, Derma Q-Gel Cream contains a fragrance which is used to mask the unpleasant odors of the active vitamins. If these vitamins weren’t active and in sufficient amount to help nourish your skin then we wouldn’t need to mask their odor but we felt it was more important to actually produce a skin care product with sufficient active ingredients to actually do your skin some good. As much as we believe that you will love what our reduced active CoQ10 will do for your skin… you wouldn’t want that same CoQ10 on your skin without a cover-up fragrance. FYI, Derma Q-Gel Cream does NOT contain any coloring agents.

Is Derma Q-Gel Hypo-Allergenic?

We’d like to say yes – but we believe that virtually any Hypo-Allergenic claim could be considered dubious because of the multitude of sensitivities that exist in the population. Our best advice is to try a small amount on your arm or leg first – this advice is good for ANY new cream or lotion you may want to use… so, before applying any skin care product liberally to your face or hands, try a small amount on your arm or leg.