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In August of 2006, a customer emailed us the following Question:

Mike we ran a test on CoQ10 for absorption into the body. We placed a chewable tablet into a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water. It was suppose to dissolve in 40 minutes. After about 50 minutes there was still tablet left in the solution. Can you explain why this occurred. Our vitamin tablet did dissolve.

We received the following 3-point explanation
from one of the Senior Scientists at Tishcon Corp.

1. ChewQ needs to be chewed not swallowed whole.

2. The CoQ10 in ChewQ is hydrosoluble if you want to test it in the kitchen, you should grind it and then stir it in water (lukewarm or moderately warm water). The CoQ10 in the powdered tablet will dissolve.

3. CoQ10 is absorbed in the intestine and NOT in the stomach. Therefore the vinegar (which simulates the acid in the stomach) is not necessary.

Another Tishcon Scientist added the following:

This person is doing a "quick & dirty" dissolution test. This will work well for tablets such as calcium that readily dissolve in acid but for others you have to follow the proper procedures such as the medium, pH, temperature, stirring/paddle etc.