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"Just a quick note to let you know how well Peri-Q-Gel has worked for me. I started using the product close to four months ago, keeping an open mind that my gums may improve. I had a dental appointment the other day, at which time my gum line was probed for tissue depth readings. I waited as the hygenist compared the numbers from the last visit and laughed out loud as she said, "Looks about the same as...no wait, there is actually some improvement"!

"I was relieved to hear that my daily Peri-Q-Gels were working! Many of my "5" pockets had turned into "4s". Although my gums may never be perfect again, I have great faith and will continue to use this product! Thanks for carrying such a great product!! I will definitely be back!!!" Smiling in Minnesota,

EDITOR'S NOTE: I wrote the following to Diane after receiving her comments in July, 2006:

Hi Diane

Thanks for your nice comments! Actually your results are better than any that we tell people to look for as I always believed that once the damage was done, the best we could hope for using Q-Gel is to "hold the line" and stop or slow down the progression of the gum disease.

To everyone reading this, please remember that old 'throw-away line' that we all seem to ignore because we've heard it so often: "Your results may vary". It is true and you should keep it in mind as we try not to make "blue-sky" promises and certainly no miracle cure (if you see those two words -- "miracle cure" -- in an ad, run!). However, if Q-Gel or Peri Q-Gel is going to help, you should see an improvement in your gums within the first 30 days.

We also suggest that the toothpaste that you use is a key ingredient in your battle to beat gum disease. Colgate Total® is the only toothpaste that’s FDA approved to fight the gum disease gingivitis. If you are not using Colgate Total® we recommend that you consider switching to this brand. Also, since a lot of people don't like to floss, there may be an alternative approach. Rinsing your mouth 2 times a day with Listerine Antiseptic, (morning and night), can be nearly as effective as flossing in fighting plaque and gingivitis. Listerine Antiseptic suppresses the bacteria (germs) that contribute to plaque buildup on teeth and many forms of gum disease. Remember, rinsing is NOT meant to replace flossing which removes food debris from between teeth. You should be able to find both of these products in your local supermarket or drug store.


"I just wanted to let you know that, after only a few weeks of use, plus good dental hygiene, I am seeing improvement in my gum health. The bleeding has stopped, and the redness has been virtually eliminated. I did not expect such quick results! I have taken CoQ10 before, for its energy-enhancing and antioxidant properties, but I never imagined that it could also be so effective for gum health. You have certainly made a believer of me, and you have also gained a loyal consumer! I will be telling others about this product. Everyone could benefit from using Perio-Vite! Thank you," R.P. Ed.S, LPC, Georgia

"Just so you know, I'm already seeing a healing improvement in my gums after only one (1) week of use -- your product is great!!" (Customer is using Q-Gel® Ultra)

"These products are great. My gums are feeling strong and healthy." (Customer is using Perio-Vite Ultra.) "My face looks even tone and healthy." (Customer is using our Derma Q-Gel® Skin Care Cream.) "I love it. Thanks." R.L. Brooklyn, NY