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We recently received an email from a customer who had purchased several bottles of LiQH Ubiquinol and was concerned about color variation. Here is his complete and un-edited inquiry: I'm concerned about the ubiquinol liquid I recently got from epic4health. The product that arrived is a different color than the last bottle I purchased of the same exact product. This bottle is a slightly yellowish, milky color, while the previous bottle was a much stronger yellow, nearly as dark as Crenshaw melon. The difference leads me to question the potency of the product and at the very least, the manufacturer's quality control. I'd like to hear your thoughts, please.

Here are our thoughts on the color variation issue:

First of all, the color variation has absolutely nothing to do with quality control and everything to do with the nature of ubiquinol CoQH2

Newly bottled Ubiquinol is milky white in color. As time passes or a dropper, (containing air and oxygen), is inserted into the bottle, a very small amount of the milky white Ubiquinol turns to Ubiquinone (oxidized form) and can dramatically change the color and appearance of ALL the liquid in the bottle. To compensate for this un-avoidable and normal development, we fill each bottle with a slightly higher potency of ubiquinol. This way, the label claim of 100mg per 1ml is always met no matter what the color of the ubiquinol. How do we know this to be a fact? We have tested the product over and over again, in all its color variations (due to oxidation or age) and in all cases, the potency has never been below 100%. FYI, all these tests also included purity tests, which always came back perfect. We guarantee 100% potency thru the expire date printed on the bottle label.

Bottom line: Ubiquinol is an extremely unstable product, and we are the only company that has been able to stabilize it in a Liquid. And, even though changed appearance, (minor color variation), can occur, liquid ubiquinol, (LiQH), is the only way to provide needed treatment to children and/or adults unable to take softgels orally.