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The daily intake from a typical Western diet is estimated to be about 5 mg. The daily dosage of CoQ10 supplements in healthy individuals is generally in the 15-30 mg range and is taken for general well-being. In patients with heart disease or other chronic conditions, a minimum of 100 mg a day has been used in numerous clinical trials. A dosage in the range of 600-1200 mg is being used in the on-going study on Huntington’s disease, supported by the National Institutes of Health.

Pure CoQ10 is not soluble in water and has limited solubility in oils. Commercially available CoQ10 products come in the form of tablets, powder-filled capsules and oil suspension in softgel capsules. Bioavailability of CoQ10 in these products is poor. A new "hydrosoluble" CoQ10 formulation with superior bioavailability was introduced in 1997 (called Q-Gel®, Tishcon Corp., Westbury, NY 11590) using a patented process (Biosolv) to solubilize CoQ10. In a human study published in 1998, Q-Gel® was shown to be about 3-fold better than any of the other three product types, as assessed by increases in blood CoQ10 levels (Chopra et al, 1988; Bhagavan et al, 2001). This means that lower doses of CoQ10 as Q-Gel® are needed to reach and maintain adequate blood levels.

Q-Gel CoQ10 Dosage Note from Mike Engel

Dosage depends on many different factors. I am NOT an MD so really can not advise any particular individual in this area. However, I can let you know what some of the MD's who buy from us tell their patients -- those with congestive heart failure, they recommend a jump start of 180mg Q-Gel CoQ10 for first 2-3 weeks and then 120mg per day.

If on a statin drug, they suggest 60 to 90mg Q-Gel CoQ10 per day.

No real problems? Want it for prevention and/or antioxidant use? Then 30 to 60 mg, (or even up to 90mg), Q-Gel CoQ10 per day would be very sufficient. (I take one 60mg in AM with breakfast and one 30mg at lunch. My wife takes one 30mg at breakfast.) As I have told a number of people on the phone, you can't "overdose" on CoQ10 -- the only thing you hurt by taking too much is your wallet.

Thanks for your interest in Q-Gel CoQ10