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There is no doubt, that excessive long term exposure to cold, freezing temperatures can be a problem with liquid CoQ10 products. However, cold temperatures, even freezing cold temperatures during shipment will not be a problem -- not desirable but usually not a problem. Problems can occur with PROLONGED storage/freezing/cold exposure -- and by prolonged we mean more than a week in shipment. In January 2008, we tested a frozen bottle of Liquid CoQ10 and, (after thawing), it returned 100% of its original potency and its dissolution property.

If your liquid CoQ10 is frozen on delivery, thaw it at room temperature, if there are any crystals visible in the liquid CoQ10 you can then immerse the bottle in warm water and shake well before using. Bottom line, the potency of the CoQ10 is not an issue even if it has gone through freezing in the winter.

HOWEVER, both of our Un-Flavored, Sugar-Free Liquid CoQ10s, (available as LiQsorb Liquid CoQ10 and Liquid QH), when subjected to extreme and prolonged low temperatures that actually cause them to freeze solid may have to be returned for replacement. The CoQ10 itself will retain potency but you may not be able to administer the liquid as it could remain in a jelly-like or pudding-like state. If, that is the case, return/replacement is the best option.

NOTE: If prolonged freezing temperatures are anticipated in your region, assume that we may not be able to ship these two products until conditions permit. Please plan accordingly.

Long term storage tip: Keep bottle tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place at controlled room temperature 15-30C (59-86F). Long Term Refrigeration is neither necessary nor recommended.