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Bioray Mind Zeal for Focus and Mental Energy - Herbal Drops

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Bioray Mind Zeal for Focus and Mental Energy - Herbal Drops
BioRay - Mind Zeal Herbal Drops - 2 oz. (60 mL)

BioRay Mind Zeal Herbal Drops contains ingredients that are traditionally used to support mental clarity and stay attentive especially under times of stress. Mind Zeal is useful for people who work hard, tire easily or have mental fatigue. You'll notice improved thinking, ability to stay alert and pay attention, and an increase in mental and vital energy.

The shocking fact is; the air you breathe, the food and water you consume, and even your home environment expose you to harmful toxins. Daily exposure to environmental toxins contribute to bioaccumulation and distrub healthy cellular energy. Mind Zeal removes these toxins and contains fermented herbs that support healthy liver, kidney and cellular function. Mind Zeal helps with focus, concentration and mental energy.

Mind Zeal Herbal Drops Features:

Supports healthy cognitive function

Supports healthy cell integrity

Gently removes toxic metals including lead, mercury and aresenic

Gently removes toxic chemicals including dioxin, PBB's and organotoxins

Alcohol free

Gluten free