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Bioray Loving Energy - "The feel Good Tonic" Herbal Drops

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Bioray Loving Energy -
BioRay – Loving Energy Herbal Drops – 2 oz. (60 mL)

BioRay Loving Energy Herbal Drops contains ingredients that are traditionally used to relieve stress and exhaustion, support a healthy adrenal system and histamine response. You’ll experience balanced energy, both mental and physical adaptability, and relief of stress and exhaustion as you replenish your adrenal function. Stressed out, exhausted or overwhelmed? Try BioRay’s Loving Energy!

Every day people deal with multiple stressors. They are bombarded with work, electronic devices, environmental toxins, emotional upset, health imbalances and more. It is no wonder you can be short on energy and patience. The organ system responsible for addressing stress is the adrenal system. When the adrenal reserves are low, you have a difficult time adapting to changes and stressors. Restore and fortify your adrenals with Loving Energy, a supreme adrenal tonic.

Energy Herbal Drops Features:

Supports healthy adrenal function

Supports the lungs and kidneys

Relieves stress

Balances energy

Reduces irritating symptoms related to changes in the seasons

Gluten free


Why is Replenishing important?

Most people don’t get enough nutrients in their diet. Americans spend more than $100 billion on fast food every year and soil erosion has depleted nutrients levels in food worldwide. With such a high prevalence of eating fast food daily and top soil depletion, fortifying with BioRay’s organic dietary supplements is an excellent way to replenish your nutrient reserves. BioRay’s herbs nourish your natural state of wellness and support and restore the connection to your body, mind and spirit.

Supplement Facts - Bioray Loving Energy

Serving size: 26 Drops- Servings Per Container - About 74

Per Serving
% Daily Value
Proprietary Blend: Solomon Seal Root, Eleuthero Root, Reishi Mushroom, Licorice Root, Polygonatum Root, Schizandra Berry. 288mg **

**Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients:Deionized Water and gluten free alcohol (20% by volume). Made with Organic Ingredients.

Directions: Shake well. 1 to 3 droppers three to five times per day, or as desired. Regular use produces a more powerful effect.