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Are You Buying Fake CoQ10?

The huge demand for coenzyme Q10 over the last few years has inflated “raw product” prices to record highs. CoQ10 currently sells for around $4,000 per kg on the spot market, (compared to less than $800 per kg as little as 2 or 3 years ago), and looks set to climb higher as manufacturers fail to meet surging demand. High demand, high prices and low supply have all helped increase the incentive for the manufacture of fraudulent CoQ10 products. In some cases, the contents of CoQ10 are adulterated and contain very low amounts or no CoQ10 in them at all.

Should you be concerned? The answer is “Yes” if you are buying your CoQ10 on the “open market” and “No” if you are getting Q-Gel CoQ10.

Here’s why: The CoQ10 from Tishcon Corp. is a 100% natural (trans-isomer) yeast fermented CoQ10 which is identical to the body’s own CoQ10. Tishcon utilizes 100% natural CoQ10 and treats it via the BioSolv patented process to render the insoluble CoQ10 powder readily soluble and highly bioavailable. This combination of 100% natural CoQ10 and Tishcon’s science makes Q-Gel the most powerful CoQ10 available.

Here is additional information regarding the three key forms of bioenhanced Ubiquinone CoQ10 from Tishcon that we distribute:

The patented HydroQsorb® ingredient in ChewQ®, our chewable CoQ10 and in H2Q in a vegecapsule, is totally different from the patented Biosolv® system in Q-Gel® CoQ10 in a soft gel. However, they are both bioavailability enhanced forms of CoQ10. In fact, we have a third form of bioenhanced CoQ10 available as a proprietary liposomal nano dispersion in drops called Liquid Q® and as a syrup called LiQ10®.

All three CoQ10 systems use 100% natural (all-trans) Coenzyme Q10. So, whether you choose to take QGel®, Chew Q® / H2Q, or our Liquid Q®, you will be receiving a clinically-tested, bioavailability enhanced form of CoQ10 – the final choice on which dosage form to take is yours and should be based on discussion with your local health care professional and your preference for capsule, chewable or liquid. With all three forms, we suggest that you take them with or after a meal to increase absorption even more.