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We asked Tishcon’s Senior Scientist to comment on the New Zealand Bioavailability study and received the following reply:

There was a comparative study of the relative bioavailability of various Coenzyme Q10 supplement products sold in New Zealand carried out by Sarah Molyneux et al, (supported by the Foundation for Research Science and Technology and the Health Research Council), and published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, 8 October 2004, Vol. 117 No. 1203, which showed conclusively, and in a significant manner, that Q-Gel® Softsules were the most bioavailable dosage form among the products tested. The study was carried out in adult human subjects.

Interestingly, if we compare the median change in plasma CoQ10 levels achieved with Q-Gel® against each one of the other brands tested, we find that the median change obtained with Q-Gel® is superior to the other brands by 182%, 256%, 289%, 331%, 339% and 421%. If we take a median (average) of these percentages, we get 303%. This means that, on average, Q-Gel® delivers 303% more CoQ10 to the bloodstream than the other six (6) products tested.

If we repeat the above exercise using the CoQ10 to LDL ratio numbers, we arrive at an average of 295%. Finally, if we carry out the computation using the CoQ10 total cholesterol ratio numbers, we arrive at an average of 303%.

Now, if we calculate the average of the three average percentages, we get 300%!

What these numbers are telling us is that no matter which way we express the increase in blood CoQ10 levels, Q-Gel® consistently delivers much higher plasma CoQ10 levels than all the other products tested.

This independent study very clearly shows the superiority* of Q-Gel® softsules over the other products.

*based on plasma CoQ10 levels achieved with oral supplementation