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Metric Conversion of Grams, Milligrams, Micrograms, Litres, and Millilitres

Metric Conversion of Grams, Milligrams, Micrograms, Litres, and Millilitres1000 micrograms (mcg) EQUALS 1 milligram (mg)
1000 milligrams (mg) EQUALS 1 gram (g)
1000 grams (g) EQUALS 1 kilogram (kg)

1 kilogram (kg) EQUALS 2.2046 pounds
1 ounce EQUALS 28.35 grams
1 pound EQUALS 0.4536 kilograms
1 pound EQUALS 16 ounces
16 ounces EQUALS 453.6 grams

1000 milliliters (mL) EQUALS 1 liter (L)
1 liter (L) EQUALS 1.0567 quarts liquid
1 quart liquid EQUALS 0.9463 liter
4 quarts EQUALS 1 gallon

1 cc EQUALS 1 ml

What is ml? What is cc? Are they the same?

ml is the abbreviation for milliliters
cc is the abbreviation for cubic centimeters.

One ml = one cc. (They are equal).

5 ml = One Teaspoon
5 cc = One Teaspoon

3 teaspoons = One Tablespoon (Tbl)
15 ml = One Tablespoon (Tbl)
15 cc = One Tablespoon (Tbl)

One ounce = 30 ml (or 30 cc)
Eight ounces = 240 ml (or 240 cc)

Converting Grams to Milliliters or Milliliters to Grams:
The problem is, is that they don’t really convert as grams are weight and liters are a measure of volume – so it, (the conversion), depends on the density. The “easiest one” to convert is water as it is then a 1 to 1 ratio.

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