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Is MSG used in Q-Gel CoQ10 soft gels?

Is MSG used in Q-Gel CoQ10 soft gels?We recently received an inquiry from a customer who was told by his doctor to avoid MSG, (abbreviation for "monosodium glutamate", often found in seasonings). He was going to order Q-Gel CoQ10 in a soft gel formulation but had found in searching on the web that “gel caps (gelatin) contain MSG”. He was concerned about this and wanted to know if our soft gels contained MSG. I was pretty sure that they did not, but to be positive, I passed his inquiry to one of the senior scientists at Tishcon Corp, (the manufacturer of the products we distribute including Q-Gel CoQ10), and I received the following reply:

We do not use any MSG in our soft gels – period! -- None. Our soft gelatin capsules are made using pharmaceutical grade gelatin.

I hope this very clear and unequivocal statement will ease his and possibly your concern about the use of MSG in our soft gels – it isn’t there!

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