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Eczema and Derma Q-Gel

Eczema and Derma Q-GelWhen we formulated Derma Q-Gel® Skin Care Cream, the intent was to produce the world's finest anti-aging cream by using our patented Biosolv® technology to ensure that all the vital ingredients, (particularly CoQ10), be absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin. It worked. And, we have received many favorable comments on just how well it does work to fight all the signs of aging skin. In amongst those comments were some reports that we had not expected. Namely that Derma Q-Gel® was actually helping people who suffered from skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and dermatitis.

The following are fairly typical (and unsolicited), comments from Derma Q-Gel® customers:

"I have eczema on my face and arms. I use hydrocortisone periodically on my face to keep it from breaking out. I also seem to be allergic to my perspiration and tears, making my face break out. I began using Derma Q-Gel last November and have had great success with it. For 6 months not once have I had to resort to hydrocortisone again. Thanks so much!!"

"I have rosacea and this cream is amazing: even my dermatologist was impressed with my improvement. Thanks for a wonderful product."

Derma Q-Gel has become my 'miracle' skincare cream. I have rosacea and have to take antibiotics to control it, (I hated living on antibiotics!). After using Derma Q-Gel for only 2 weeks, I could tell a huge difference in my skin. I have been off of the antibiotics for 5 weeks now and my skin is clear, smooth and has lost the rosacea red "glow". Now I have a healthy glow that my friends have even noticed. I combine Derma Q-Gel with one of Dr. Perricone's products (his products are wonderful but lack the moisture that I get from Q-Gel). I feel that with my new regimen I can kiss the antibiotics good-bye. Love the price too! Thank you Derma-Qel!

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with Derma Q-Gel. I have never written about a product or sent a letter like this but this cream helped my skin condition so dramatically I felt it was my obligation to save others the trouble I had finding something that would help. I am not taking Derma Q-Gel for wrinkles (that’s a nice bonus!) but for a dry, itchy and patchy skin condition brought on by menopause. I had been using XXXXXX” (editor’s note, we can’t print the product name) "for my scalp and the cream for my face for years but it didn’t work very well after awhile and dried out my skin worse than ever. Then my doctor gave me cortisone cream which is bad for my skin but eradicates the yeast condition. Then, somehow, my husband found Derma Q-Gel and my problems were over in two days!! I use it 2 times daily and smile more often. Thanks again! P.S. I am absolutely not exaggerating. (Edit as you like).”

Editor’s note: the only thing we edited in the above customer comment was to take another companies product name out of this account. IMPORTANT: We believe in the phrase, ‘Your results may vary’. Do not expect visible results in two days. It would be great but we think that 2 days is the exception rather than the rule. Most importantly, no single product, even as good a product as Derma Q-Gel will be ideal for everybody – that’s why we have a money back guarantee.

Dry air, allergies to pollen, dust, cosmetics, chemical irritants and other environmental factors can result in eczema. Lack of sleep and stress can trigger or aggravate the symptoms of reddened, scaly and itchy skin. If you suffer from eczema you already know that. What you don't know is if Derma Q-Gel® can help your condition. To be honest, we don't know for sure either. But, based on the feedback we've received from people just like you, we think that there is a good chance it might.

SUGGESTION: If you or someone you know suffers from eczema, rosacea and/or dermatitis then give Derma Q-Gel® a try. You can expect to see visible results in just weeks. If you don't, we will be glad to refund your purchase price. You have nothing to lose except reddened, scaly and itchy skin.

Complete list of the 21 Plus Active Ingredients in Derma Q-Gel
Complete list of the 21 Plus Active Ingredients in Derma Q-Gel

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